We are Tia's Crown!

Tia’s Crown is a charity set up to support mental & physical wellbeing through dance….
Tia’s Crown has been founded by dancers to give something back to local communities and organisations especially where the need is most.
The aim of the charity is to support people with poor mental and physical health through dance sessions in a safe environment where they may not previously had access. 
Our story began in lockdown 1, early April 2020, when Ali, our creative director, had an idea to put on a public version of Strictly Come Dancing, to raise funds to give back and say thank you to the NHS workers that had been working front line during the Covid-19 battles. 
Fast forward to June 2021 and Strictly NHS was a huge UK wide event, with the show raising over £26k for the NHS & the event being live streamed as far as Australia & the USA. 
During the Strictly NHS process, our team worked closely with NHS staff, learning about their day to day lives and the impact that the pandemic was having; the biggest being on their mental health. We gave away free dance lessons to boost their wellbeing and were shocked to see the impact these sessions were having. Not only did they give a break from their working lives, but lifted their moods, gave them a different focus and improved their overall well-being. The sessions became so popular that we were able, with the use of technology and video calling, to be able to roll these sessions out to NHS trusts across the UK. 
It became very clear that the journey for our team couldn’t stop with Strictly NHS, so the concept of Tia’s Crown was born. 
Our mission now is to give as many Let’s Dance sessions away as possible, to give a boost to as many people as we can. We’ve seen first hand the benefits that Dance can do, so wish to have an impact where necessary. 
Our biggest fundraising event is now Dance Floor Heroes. An even bigger version of Strictly NHS. The event is open to everyone over the age of 18 & we want to make as make Dance dreams come true as possible. The funds raised will help to ensure we can spread the Tia’s Crown magic far and wide, but also, give grants to other charities that are in line with what we want to achieve and help to improve mental & physical wellbeing.
We are Tia’s Crown……